Alsi seeds (Flax seeds): How to use, Benefits and Precautions

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Alsi seeds which are also known as Flax seeds and Linseed is omega-3 fatty acid-rich food supplement which is a world’s renowned super-food. Flax seeds are tiny brownish seed yet packed with micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy cholesterol in a high amount that helps fight several ailments such as, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and is the richest source of plant omega-3 fatty acid. A tablespoon of flax seeds a day is good enough to meet your essential, daily nutritional requirement.

Nutritious value of Alsi Seed:
Flax seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, Dietary Fibers, Proteins, Vitamin B1,
Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium, vitamin B6, Iron, potassium, copper, and zinc.
Health benefits of Alsi Seeds(Flax seeds):
High Fiber content: Alsi seeds help in increasing nutrient absorption from food
in the intestine as it has high fiber content with very low carb value.
Aids Fat loss: As already mentioned alsi are rich in dietary fibers, it gives a
sensation of fullness which eventually leads to low-calorie consumption
throughout the day and helps in fat loss. Also they are rich in good fatty acids
which reduce puffiness in the body. 

Fights Cancer: Omega 3 fatty acid have anti-carcinogenic properties. High content Omega 3 fatty acid and Lignans present in Alsi helps in fight prostate
cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer. Flax seeds also contain many
Control Diabetes: Flax seeds are well known for controlling type 2 diabetes
(caused due to insulin resistance). Daily intake of flax seeds induces a sensitivity
to insulin inside the body which automatically controls diabetes level.
Hair and Skin: Flaxseeds helps in treating pimples, acne, sun sensitivity. It also
fights problems like hair fall, dandruff, dry scalp, brittle hair. Only 2 tsp of flax
seeds can help get rid of all these problems.
Cholesterol Balance: Alsi seeds reduces bad cholesterol in the body by trapping
fats and cholesterol in the digestive system so that they are unable to be absorbed by the intestine. It also traps bile which is made from cholesterol in the gallbladder which enhances more production of bile and hence reducing cholesterol. This keeps the heart healthy.
Constipation: High fiber content in Alsi help with constipation problem and
cleanse your colon naturally.
Prevent Hot Flushes (Menopause Symptoms): Alsi are rich in lignans and
lignans have estrogenic property (female hormone).
Other benefits:
Reduces Hypertension
Great for women’s health
Controls Hormonal Imbalance
Protect against Inflammation
Shields the Heart

How to Use Alsi seeds?
Alsi seeds should not be taken as a whole as these are complex to digest by our digestive system and hence tends to expel out of the body. Also, one should not bake or fry them at a high temperature as this will destroy valuable nutrients present in them.
Alsi seeds can even be taken with dishes and meals after grinding them. Grinding is the first step which has to be accomplished before adding them to any dish. Crushed seeds can be added to Energy drinks, smoothies, juices, Dishes, and Salads or can be taken directly with water.
Side effects: Alsi seeds has no such side effects and is been used as a food part since historic times.
Precautions: Pregnant ladies should avoid the use of alsi seeds. Also if you are
suffering from bloating problems you should not use flax seeds.

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